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Diagnostics technology / Workshop equipment

Company Dieselland specializes in producing diesel diagnostic equipment (diesel pump test benches and simulators for Electronically Controlled Diesel Injection Systems) for various systems.


Europe’s best full solution for BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, VDO diesel workshops. Our company develops and produces various equipment for the repair of diesel fuel systems, which is advantageously different in price and quality.

Equipment in high demand

On the website you can see a wide range of tools and equipment produced by our company, and also together with our partners.


Medical Device Machining

We have built our reputation on machining medical parts that are technologically advanced and built to the high standards put forth by the medical industry.

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Our attention to detail and years of experience in the medical machining industry provide you with the parts that are manufactured with the greatest care and attention to detail, meeting your requirements every time.


We have worked with a variety of industries to produce precision made components and parts including automotive, medical and military industries.

Modern technologies of metalwork

Our machine shop is equipped with well-known and accurate CNC machinery.



Dieselland offers IC programming-as-a-service to the automotive, consumer, industrial, aerospace & defense electronics industries.

Experience you can Trust

When it comes to device programming, we understand our customers’ needs: competitive pricing, fast turns and zero defects.

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Diesel engines service & tuning

Higher performance combined with fuel savings. You'll benefit from both. No compromises. Our quality standards are as high as any OEM supplier.

Next level!

Our highly specialized engineers devote themselves to the complex process of developing processor-controlled tuning boxers. That’s why we are the experts in electronic performance enhancement regardless of manufacturer.

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111 kg of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process of a conventional engine.
In contrast, only 4 kg of CO2 are produced in remanufacturing process of the same device.
Trained professionals in Europe
Fastest testing time – 10 min take time for testing 4 diesel injectors for passanger vehicle

Dieselland production, service and quality management are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 processes.

Quality is the prime concern for Dieselland: since our products are crucial to the success of our customers, everything Dieselland does for its customers must live up to the highest standards of quality. The company prioritises quality not just in the products but also in all spheres of operation.

Our fully automated equipment and the adherence to standardized quality procedures ensures the highest levels of quality control with minimum handling.


Thinking Green

The use of remanufactured products reduces environmental impact compared to newly manufactured products, significantly decreasing emission of gases and generation of waste. During the remanufacturing process the damaged elements are replaced, reusing the components that are in a good condition. It is our responsibility, also as producers, to look after the environment by implementing processes that avoid any type of contamination, and to use the natural resources used in this production system.


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Workshop solutions for the future – save time and money in troubleshooting and repairs.